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TPEP® Technology

MPR was founded with the idea to provide solutions that are as non-invasive as possible for the treatment of diseases that have an impact on respiratory function.The aim of the company is the continuous research for innovative solutions to develop therapeutic treatments that respect the physiologic parameters involved in the process of breathing and airways clearance, limiting the contraindications often linked to traditional therapies.

TPEP® technology

In 2005, we patented the technology TPEP® (Temporary Positive Expiratory Pressure). This technology aids patients in the removal of bronchial secretions, applying a minimum temporary positive pressure in exhalation needed to counteract the airways collapse without penalising the expiratory flow. This technology, completely non-invasive, has proven to be highly effective in patients suffering from respiratory dysfunction and hypersecretions. Over the years, a number of clinical research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the system. Today, TPEP® represents a valid support for respiratory rehabilitation and it has proved to be a good solution for many patients, respecting the organ that is the cause of their problems.

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