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Environmental Management System

Medical Products Research decided to observe the voluntary standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and implement an Environmental Management System, in order to improve all the company activities that can have impact on the environment.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) has the task of ensuring, through Planning, Implementation, Control and its direct Action, an excellent management of the company activities with environmental impact. Thus, any opportunities are exploited for the future of the company, in accordance with the process of "continuous improvement" enshrined in the international standard and with the Environmental Policy of Medical Products Research.


The objectives that we propose include the identification of significant environmental impact aspects (related to the production activity and the product), their consideration in the development of future projects, the respect of rules and laws that involve the company processes from an environmental point of view and the adoption of a "green" attitude that reduces waste and safeguards the environment. Our commitment is expressed in the reduction of raw materials and energy used, in the recovery of waste materials and in the study of the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle.

Regarding the consumption due to the performance of the activities, the company uses energy from renewable sources, thanks to the presence, on the roof of its plant, of a large photovoltaic system that provides a good percentage of its needs.
From May 2018, further modifications and technical improvements have been made to heating systems that have considerably reduced energy needs in the winter months and, consequently, the need to purchase electricity from the national grid. The surplus of produced energy is fed into the network and then made available to other users.
With the use of alternative energy sources, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are greatly reduced. Through our contribution to energy production using alternative energy sources, a large amount of CO2 is saved to the environment.

Atmospheric emissions and water discharges are other priorities in respect of the environment:

the company does not cause emissions in the air during production, while the use of water resources is very limited.
The reduction of waste produced is one of the main objectives that Medical Products Research has set itself. To this end, the company carries out careful recycling and limits office waste, through the use of recycled stationery material, eco-friendly material for the catering service and low-consumption components for the lighting. The impact of packaging on the environment is also limited by avoiding the use of mixed material packaging, so that paper and plastic are always separable.

The environmental responsibilities of Medical Products Research are extended to all levels and are disseminated both to the internal staff and to the collaborators and distributors of the company, through both the specific awareness campaign and directly to the users of the products, by the user manuals of medical devices.

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