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Medical Products Research Srl

Medical Products Research Srl is a company that produces electromedical equipment and medical devices. Founded in 2005, its head office is in Legnano (Italy). The company focuses in particular on respiratory diseases, and its mission is to research innovative solutions in response to the needs of patients. MPR takes care of each single breath, restoring to patients the spontaneous feelings that seemed lost because of the disease. Thanks to our devices, medical treatment is as non-invasive as possible, offering comfort and continuous support to patients. MPR’s aim is to restore the balance in patients, reducing the severity of their disease. The company is specialised in the design and the development of medical and electromedical devices for both the hospital and home-care market. To guarantee the increasingly specific requirements necessary to satisfy patients’ needs, the company draws on internal and external collaborators that ensure excellent standards, integrating skill with creativity, flexibility and adaptability. The high-quality results achieved so far by the company have been possible thanks to constant investments in research and development (R&D) activity. This aspect characterises the revolutionary nature that MPR has succeeded in bringing to the biomedical products sector.

The company owns different patents, recognised both at national and international level. Collaboration with leading Italian and foreign Universities provides a solid support for its continuous research for innovation. This support is essential to keep up with the new technologies, always at the forefront of the scientific research panorama. At the basis of all the products there is a continuous cooperation with major hospitals, with which MPR works in synergy, in order to ensure the maximum level of effectiveness based on safety derived from the high level of technology required. For this purpose, a continuous collaboration in close contact with the scientific community is necessary to design recognised and clinically validated products. This close cooperation with scientific institutes, hospitals and universities makes it possible to offer products that are increasingly better able to meet the patients’ needs.

Worldwide, MPR represents an example of dedicated workmanship reflected not only in the quality of our products but also, above all, in the continuous effort we make to sustain patients in their medical treatment. The results so far obtained constitute a solid basis on which to build further projects.

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