The Policy of Quality

Since its foundation in 2005, Medical Products Research S.r.l. has focused on providing reliable products for our clients. Through the implementation of the Business Quality System, and the Norms UNI EN ISO 13485:2016, our aim is to satisfy fully the expectations of our clients and, above all, the end users, to whom we can guarantee the excellence of each one of our products. The implementation of an effective system of management means that the products we provide are of a constant quality. To this end, we are committed to verifying what can be done better for our clients, our providers, and each collaborator of Medical Products Research. We pay attention to the needs expressed by our clients and those who operate around us, as well as to the possibilities of developing new methods, deepening our knowledge, finding new potential clinical applications for our products, and providing training and updates on new products and new techniques. We are personally committed to improving our methods and work procedures with the goal of providing products that are devoid of defects.

The firm’s leadership promotes the culture of Quality since it believes that the quality of products is attainable only thanks to the commitment of all those who work in and for the enterprise to obtain an improvement of their own organization and, in future, a reduction of the costs of non-quality. In addition, we consider the promotion of Health and Safety in the workplace an essential part of our tasks. We are equally aware that the firm’s success is closely linked to its attaining, and continuously improving, a high standard in the field of Environmental and Health protection of the community in which it is situated and works. Our adhesion to this norm is voluntary, but it represents a quality requirement for us as producers of medical devices who have the responsibility to systematically provide safe and effective products.