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Our firm was established with the aim to provide the least invasive solutions possible for the treatment of respiratory diseases. It often happens that, in providing a treatment or a solution, not enough consideration is given to all the possible contraindications provoked by the therapy itself. Driven by this notion, we wished to avoid that such a delicate organ as the lung should be subject to any unnecessary strain. The pressures involved within the airways and the quantity of air moved by each single breath are so low that, in order to respect these physiological values, we therefore had to find a way to achieve our objectives without overstepping the limits of these parameters.

In 2005 we presented our first technology: TPEP®(Temporary Positive Expiratory Pressure) which, at a pressure below the pressure generated by the lungs, can help patients clear secretions in the airways. Our technology, completely non-invasive, has proven very useful in patients affected by respiratory problems. Over the years, diverse clinical scientific studies have demonstrated the efficacy of the system. Today we can boast that we have given thousands of people a solution that respects precisely that organ which is the cause of their problems.

In 2006, we acquired from the University Hospital of Pisa the rights for two patented technologies. The first one made the production of FA3 possible. This is a new system for nebulized delivery of the aerosolized particles used in nuclear medicine to perform the imaging examination of ventilation scintigraphy. This new technology has markedly improved the method enabling a more rapid speed of delivery with reduced risks of contamination, better image quality, and the visualization of the periphery airways without showing the oral-pharyngeal cavity and the walls of the large bronchi (hila areas of the lung).

In 2009, after years of research, we developed another patented technology called EFA (Expiratory Flow Accelerator), that has been applied in the new device FREE ASPIRE for use by patients at home, and in the hospital setting in the medical device SUCTION FREE. This innovative technology accelerates the expiratory flow favoring the clearance of secretions in persons with ineffective cough. The secretions reach the upper airways in complete safety making it possible for the patient to expel or ingest them in the normal way through the mechanism of the mucociliary system.

In 2015 we engineered the second patented technology acquired from the University Hospital of Pisa, and registered it under the brand name of 3PAPTM. This innovation has introduced a new ventilation modality to positive pressure ventilators that can improve the distribution of air within the airways rendering oxygen therapy more effective and less invasive in COPD patients.


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