Environmental Management System


Since 2017, concurrently with its operational headquarters transfer and its rapid expansion, Medical Products Research has been committed to the environmental quality improvement established by the voluntary international standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015. The implementation of an Environmental Management System comes from the aim of improving the business activities with a negative side-effect on the surrounding environment.
The objectives pursed by Medical Products Research include the identification and awareness of its environmental aspects, linked to its trading activity and products. These impacts are taken into consideration for future projects development, law conformity and the adoption of a “green”, ecological behaviour for waste reduction and environmental protection.


The Environmental Management System (EMS) commitment is to ensure, through the Plan-Do-Check-Act method, the best management of the business activities with a possible negative impact on the environment. Besides, the EMS also tries to seize the opportunities (strategic decisions, partner selection according to their environmental qualification, …) for the continuous future development of the Organisation, as laid down in the international standard and in the environmental policy of Medical Products Research.


Our commitment finds practical correspondence in feedstock reduction and energy saving, thanks to the utmost innovative technologies for medical devices manufacturing production, waste components reuse and the analysis of the environmental impact of the products according to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach.
Renewable sources are employed to supply energy for the business activities of the company: the top of the building guests a photovoltaic installation which largely provides energy for the needs of the organisation, including the energy provision for the heating system, and submit the surplus to the energy distribution system.
Atmospheric emissions and water discharges constitute other priorities of environmental protection: during its activity, the company does not emit noxious substances in air, whereas water consumption can be considered exiguous.
One of the main objective of Medical Products Research is the reduction of waste amount coming from the manufacturing activities and servicing, destined to disposal. For this purpose, the company internally carries out a careful differentiation of waste and limit office litter by adopting recycled paper, energy-efficient and cost saving lightening for the office building and ecological materials for the cafeteria service.
The impact of packaging on the environment is also prevented by the employment of a perfectly separable packaging method which avoids mixed materials.
The environmental responsibilities of Medical Products Research are extended to all its levels and address each component of its team, external collaborators and distributors, thanks to a proper awareness campaign, and the actual users of the medical devices, through the user manuals of the products.